I study aging, media, and decision making.

>>> News: Congrats to my Cornell students Lauren, Kenneth, Lily, Eric, & Kathryn!

Hello! I'm Dr. Julia Nolte.

I am a research psychologist and university instructor.

I am a faculty member in the Department of Communication and Cognition at Tilburg University (Netherlands). In 2023, I completed a Ph.D. in the Healthy Aging Laboratory at Cornell University's Department of Psychology (formerly called the Department of Human Development)

As a lifespan researcher, I use laboratory and online studies to examine how information management, risk perception, and decision-making change across adulthood. I am also interested in intra- and inter-generational relationships and how they influence our well-being. Published and ongoing work can be found here & here!

To complement my quantitative research, I employ qualitative analyses to better understand older adults' subjective needs and experiences with regard to older adults' information use and social interactions. You can learn more here & here!

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